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Adult Education



If you’re brand new to Jewish study or long immersed in Jewish texts, I welcome you!  I’m an approachable, interactive educator, with a very user-friendly approach. I welcome students for one-on-one study as well as small groups. As we explore these texts and traditions together, our goal is to find personal meaning, always asking ourselves, “what do these words mean for me, today?” 

All classes are taught in English, and any reference to Hebrew texts is always translated. I also offer advanced classes focused on the original Hebrew or Aramaic.

I'd love to start learning with you. Please click here to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

I've listed below a few examples of classes I’ve taught. I’m very open to teaching other subjects that might speak to you:

I'm also welcome opportunities to join your congregation for a scholar-in-residence weekend.  I have led services and conducted workshops for many congregations in the Bay Area and beyond. Please contact me to discuss.


Studying Hebrew is like opening a doorway into a more profound relationship with the Jewish tradition—and it’s fun! Depending on your Hebrew background, these group or individual lessons can include learning the Aleph-Bet, and exploring the Hebrew of Torah and Jewish prayers. I also offer a very accessible way of learning Torah trope, or how to chant from the Torah.  



The Talmud is a profoundly rich compilation of wisdom that has continued relevance to our contemporary search for meaning. It addresses eternal questions of ethics, human nature and our relationship to the Divine. Through its way of constructing arguments, the Talmud also teaches that there are many different ways of arriving at the truth. This class will provide a very accessible exploration of this classic of Jewish literature. 


The Hebrew Bible contains stories of some extraordinary women: Tamar, a seemingly powerless widow whose bold trickery changed history; Deborah, a wise and powerful head of state; and Yael, a fierce and courageous warrior. We will discuss how these and other Biblical women claim power—and the limitations of their power. 


We’ll explore together the works of the extraordinary 20th century Israeli Torah commentary, Nechama Leibowitz, who revitalized Torah study for religious and secular Jews alike. We’ll allow Leibowitz's thought-provoking questions to guide us, as we discover the gems of wisdom contained within each word and phrase  of our Torah text.

“I’m a big fan of learning with Rabbi Carol Caine .  Whether teaching in person or on-line, she creates an inclusive environment, soliciting comments from the class and weaving them together with her own thoughts.  With the Psalms classes, she also typically includes a few minutes for chanting a portion of each. The end result is a richer understanding of what the text has to teach us, and the many ways it can be read and experienced. “

- Barbara W (Long-time adult education student)



"Studying with Rabbi Carol  has been an unforgettable experience. She was learning along with us. She is a wonderful teacher and I envy her b’nai mitzvah students, I enjoyed every minute of our learning together" 

- Edna S (Long-time adult education student.)

Rabbi Carol Hebrew background



The Psalms are among the most beloved parts of the Hebrew Bible, expressing the range of human emotions, from longing and lament to thanksgiving and ecstasy. In this course, we will study, chant, sing and contemplate Psalms that take us through the arc of a spiritual journey, as we make these ancient words come alive in our lives


Jewish sacred chanting is a meditative process of singing short phrases from Jewish liturgy. Repetition of the chant creates a joyous meditation in sound, and is usually followed by a brief period of silent meditation. We will use chanting to quiet our minds, open our hearts, and connect with each other. 


Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav was one of the most extraordinary individuals to have emerged from the Hasidic world, a world which revitalized Jewish spirituality. We will journey through Rebbe Nachman's Tales, Hasidic stories which are unique for their magical, fantastical imagery and their vision of Messianic redemption. 

Rabbi Carol with Torah

"Rabbi Carol truly shined as our guide and Rabbi through these high holiday services. I felt that she held the space with such love and presence”

- Francine A (Board Chair, B’nai Haaretz)


“When Rabbi Carol was rabbi-in-residence at Temple Beth Israel, people loved her text study sessions. Studious and well-prepared, she made everyone feel at home and was adept at encouraging discussion. People left wanting more.”

- Rabbi Maurice Harris

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