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Congratulations and Mazel Tov on having found your life  partner! It is a delight for me to help couples co-create a wedding ceremony to celebrate this awesome occasion.  I have a very open and inclusive approach to Jewish ritual. I pledge to work with you to craft a ceremony that expresses who you are as a couple and reflects your deepest values.

I’m very comfortable working with multi-faith couples and people at all levels of connection to Jewish tradition. I welcome mixed-gender and same gender-couples, and couples that include those with non-binary gender identity. My personal style is very warm, light-hearted and natural, creating an atmosphere at your wedding that is friendly, joyful and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

It is considered a great mitzvah, a high and holy good deed, to rejoice with the wedding couple. By considering me to officiate at your wedding, you’re giving me the gift of participating in this wonderful mitzvah. 


I offer a free initial consultation, to talk about your vision for your wedding and how we might work together. Please click here to schedule.

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"Rabbi Carol was a wonderfully warm spiritual leader for our wedding.  She patiently guided us through the process of planning the ceremony, and respectfully helped us customize our ceremony to blend the right mix of Jewish tradition, spirituality, and personality for us.  We feel very grateful to have worked with her, and we were very happy with our wedding ceremony!"

                                        -Talia G & Kirby C (wedding couple)

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“We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have met Rabbi Carol, to have had that opportunity to study and work with her to plan our wedding. Rabbi Carol took the time to get to know us, and it showed in the ceremony.  She had creative ideas about how to incorporate traditions in a manner that was consistent with our values and visions for the ceremony. The wedding was beautiful and joyous. It reflected our values perfectly and was exactly as we envisioned. It was truly the best day of our lives.”

- Rachel E & Charles G (wedding couple)












“Rabbi Carol was definitely a highlight of our marriage experience. She met with us on multiple occasions prior to the main event to get to know us and help us uncover our dream ceremony. She was always open-minded, enthusiastic, wise, and comforting in her work with us. She helped us craft a ceremony that was both respectful of tradition while highlighting our blended cultures. The final form felt very authentic to us and is one of the most cherished parts of our wedding. We can't recommend Rabbi Carol enough as an officiant!”

- Amel A & Jacob S (wedding couple)

For more testimonials, click here.

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