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Mazel Tov and congratulations! I am excited to begin this journey with you and your family! I have worked with many students in preparation for their bar or bat mitzvah and it's always a joy. I create lessons for students that are fun and interactive. What we study is very flexible depending on the family's preferences.


My goal is to support young people as they discover the beauty of Torah, mitzvot and the Jewish tradition, and explore their Jewish identity. The student and I walk together as they undertake this rite of passage into becoming a Jewish adult. Families of every level of connection to Jewish tradition, including multi-faith families, are very welcome. Together, we’ll co-create a personalized, joyful and  welcoming ceremony that reflects your families’ deepest values. 


I also offer personalized lessons in Hebrew, Torah and Jewish tradition, to students 10 and older, whose families have not yet determined whether to have a coming of age ceremony. 


I’d love to hear how I can support you. Please click here to schedule a free initial consultation.

B'nai Mitzvah and Youth Education​​

“I appreciate how Rabbi Carol respects young learners and meets each student exactly where they are”

-Rabbi Gray Myrseth

“Rabbi Caine has tremendous patience, unwavering dedication to the process, and a heart full of compassion. Family and friends felt so welcomed by Rabbi Caine and complimented her on a beautifully executed service that was full of joy, Jewish traditions, and, most important, love and respect”

-Stacey & Randy O (Parents of  bar mitzvah student)


"Rabbi Carol’s teaching style was perfect for me. She gave me the knowledge I needed and nudged me towards answers,  but still allowed me to figure out things on my own.  She helped me become confident in my prayers, speaking, and reading from Torah in an interesting, compassionate, productive way.  I always enjoyed our weekly sessions together and felt confident and prepared for my service. Having Rabbi Carol as my teacher was definitely the right choice!”

- Neptune M (b'nai mitzvah student)

For more testimonials click here.

Bar Mitzvah student and family
B'Mitzvah student

“Rabbi Carol made our dreams come true. Everyone couldn't stop talking about how much they liked the ceremony.  Everyone was moved and thought there was such meaning in everything that she and our kids did. Our family and friends commented on the maturity of the kids' Drashot and how they so easily picked up Hebrew. We are incredibly grateful for Rabbi Carol's collaboration and partnership."

- Diane C.H & David H (Parents of b’nai mitzvah students)

Rabbi Carol and B'nai Mitzvah students
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