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B'nai Mitzvah

“I appreciate how Rabbi Carol respects young learners and meets each student exactly where they are”

- Rabbi Gray Myrseth

“Rabbi Carol is warm, caring, patient and dedicated to the children and family she works with. Over the course of two years, our children formed a special relationship with her. She officiated the ceremony beautifully, and beyond that, she was extremely accommodating, calming and supportive. We highly recommend Rabbi Carol as a Rabbi, teacher and confidant”

- Denise & Scott G. (Parents of b’nai mitzvah students)

“Rabbi Caine has tremendous patience, unwavering dedication to the process, and a heart full of compassion. Family and friends felt so welcomed by Rabbi Caine and complimented her on a beautifully executed service that was full of joy, Jewish traditions, and, most important, love and respect”

- Stacey & Randy O (Parents of  bar mitzvah student)

“Rabbi Carol made our dreams come true. Everyone couldn't stop talking about how much they liked the ceremony.  Everyone was moved and thought there was such meaning in everything that she and our kids did. Our family and friends commented on the maturity of the kids' Drashot and how they so easily picked up Hebrew. We are incredibly grateful for Rabbi Carol's collaboration and partnership."

- Diane C.H & David H (Parents of b’nai mitzvah students)

“Thanks to Rabbi Carol for teaching me about so many mitzvot and for helping me struggle through the lengthy process of writing and editing my drash. I really appreciate all the writing and editing tricks she showed me! At the start, I didn’t think I could write such a long and meaningful piece and can’t imagine how hard it would have been without her helping me. I really enjoyed working with her.”

- Jesse L (bar mitzvah student)

"Rabbi Carol’s teaching style was perfect for me. She gave me the knowledge I needed and nudged me towards answers,  but still allowed me to figure out things on my own.  She helped me become confident in my prayers, speaking, and reading from Torah in an interesting, compassionate, productive way.  I always enjoyed our weekly sessions together and felt confident and prepared for my service. Having Rabbi Carol as my teacher was definitely the right choice!”

- Neptune M (b'nai mitzvah student)

Wedding Officiant

“We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have met Rabbi Carol, to have had that opportunity to study and work with her to plan our wedding. Rabbi Carol took the time to get to know us, and it showed in the ceremony.  She had creative ideas about how to incorporate traditions in a manner that was consistent with our values and visions for the ceremony. The wedding was beautiful and joyous. It reflected our values perfectly and was exactly as we envisioned. It was truly the best day of our lives.”

- Rachel E & Charles G (wedding couple)

“Carol was absolutely wonderful! She really paid attention to not just what we were asking of her in terms of the logistics of how to run the ceremony, but she also spent time to really get to know us and understand what this wedding and the incorporation of Jewish customs meant to us. She is also just a lovely person, and it was a pleasure to work with her. We would highly recommend her for her great personality, accommodating nature and very thoughtful delivery of the ceremony!”

- Kristina K & Syd H (wedding couple)

“Rabbi Carol was definitely a highlight of our marriage experience. She met with us on multiple occasions prior to the main event to get to know us and help us uncover our dream ceremony. She was always open-minded, enthusiastic, wise, and comforting in her work with us. She helped us craft a ceremony that was both respectful of tradition while highlighting our blended cultures. The final form felt very authentic to us and is one of the most cherished parts of our wedding. We can't recommend Rabbi Carol enough as an officiant!”

- Amel A. & Jacob S (wedding couple)

"Rabbi Carol was a wonderfully warm spiritual leader for our wedding.  She patiently guided us through the process of planning the ceremony, and respectfully helped us customize our ceremony to blend the right mix of Jewish tradition, spirituality, and personality for us.  We feel very grateful to have worked with her, and we were very happy with our wedding ceremony!"

-Talia G & Kirby C. (wedding couple)

"Thanks to Rabbi Carol for being present with us on one of the most important days of our lives. She made us feel so special and we truly enjoyed learning from her in the process. All of our family members commented on how beautiful our ceremony was and we have Rabbi Carol to thank for that.”

- Roujin J & Misha S (wedding couple)

Service Leadership 
& Adult Education

"Rabbi Carol truly shined as our guide and Rabbi through these high holiday services. I felt that she held the space with such love and presence”

- Francine A (Board Chair, B’nai Haaretz)


“Rabbi Carol’s chanting meditation Shabbat services have been a monthly highlight, central to developing my personal spiritual practice. I appreciate Rabbi Carol’s consistent devotion, leadership, humility, voice and energy. Her Drashot on the Parsha of the week are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. I appreciate the attuned balance she consistently creates between chanting and silent meditation.”

- Sue E  (regular participant in meditation service)

"Studying with Rabbi Carol has been an unforgettable experience. She was learning along with us. She is a wonderful teacher and I envy her b’nai mitzvah students, I enjoyed every minute of our learning together"
 - Edna S (Long-time adult education student.)

“I’m a big fan of learning with Rabbi Carol Caine .  Whether teaching in person or on-line, she creates an inclusive environment, soliciting comments from the class and weaving them together with her own thoughts.  With the Psalms classes, she also typically includes a few minutes for chanting a portion of each. The end result is a richer understanding of what the text has to teach us, and the many ways it can be read and experienced. “

- Barbara W (Long-time adult education student)


“When Rabbi Carol was rabbi-in-residence at Temple Beth Israel, people loved her text study sessions. Studious and well-prepared, she made everyone feel at home and was adept at encouraging discussion. People left wanting more.”

- Rabbi Maurice Harris

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