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I offer a lively, interactive immersion into the fundamentals of Jewish thought and practice. Are you a Jewish person looking to learn more about the Jewish tradition? Are you from a different faith background, and would like to learn because you’re curious about Judaism or are part of a multi-faith family? Are you considering conversion to Judaism? I welcome you! 


Every student is different and we’ll decide together what we’ll study. For those considering conversion, I recommend a minimum of one year of study, while experiencing a full year of Jewish holidays and experimenting with Jewish practices. Conversion is always a matter of choice. If at any point in our study, you decide becoming Jewish is not for you, that’s OK. It will have been my privilege to study with you. If you do decide to convert, I can help you with the final requirements, leading to a joyful conversion ceremony.


I’d love to know how I can help you enter the world of Jewish study. Please click here to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Path to conversion

Jewish Immersion & Conversion

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